Curtain tieback with Relax thread in 5 colors.

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Curtain tieback with cotton two-tone cord and tassels with relax thread.

The cord has a total length of 1.20 meters, and each tassel is 12cm long.

The total length of the curtain tieback is 1.44 cm.

Transform garments into works of art with the curtain tieback with relaxed thread tassels, for detail and elegance.

! Please note: Colors may vary slightly in natural light compared to the photos.

The curtain tieback with Relax thread is a true statement of style and functionality in any space.
With a length of 1.20 meters, this curtain tieback incorporates a cotton three-tone cord that embraces the texture and quality of the most demanding fabrics.
The beige, rotten apple, pink, and blue colors are perfect for adding a sense of warmth and sophistication to any room.
Each 12cm tassel is carefully crafted from relaxed yarn, offering a modern twist on the traditional curtain tieback.
The soft feel of the relax thread adds an extra dimension of aesthetics and tactile quality, making their touch a pleasant experience.
The overall dimensions of the curtain tieback at 1.44 meters ensure that it can meet various adaptability needs, allowing for easy application in various environments and curtain sizes.
Whether you prefer simplicity or a stunning appearance, this curtain tieback with relax thread can be customized to express your personal aesthetic.
Using this curtain tieback is an excellent choice for those seeking a subtle yet stunning element in their decor, adding an air of luxury and refined beauty.
The curtain tieback with relax thread can transform from a simple decorative accessory into a groundbreaking fashion detail.
When used in clothing, it adds an air of luxury and a unique aesthetic.Imagine the tassels adorning the sleeves of an elegant blouse or the hem of a stylish skirt.
With its versatility, the cord encourages experimental fashion, allowing for creative and unique applications.

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