Cotton Bias Tape 30mm

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Chambray Cotton bias tape 30mm: ideal for seam finishes and decorations. Flexible, durable, has a denim-like appearance.! Please note: Colors may vary slightly in natural light compared to the photos. Sold by the meter.

The 30mm cotton bias tape offers a flawless choice for both professionals and amateur seamstresses looking to add an elegant and functional finish to their creations.
This elongated, narrow piece of fabric, precisely cut on the bias, offers great flexibility and is perfect for application on curves and corners, providing a smooth and harmonious visual continuity.
Its dual nature, essentially a single bias tape folded in the middle, provides additional stability and durability, making it ideal for reinforcing seams on various types of fabrics and clothing items.
Whether you’re using it for edging on towels, blankets, bibs, diapers, necklines, or aprons, this bias tape is designed to add a sense of precision and professional finesse to the final result.
The Chambray fabric from which the bias tape is made is of natural origin and consists entirely of cotton.
Its texture is exceptionally soft while maintaining the durability and high quality required for continuous use.
With an appearance reminiscent of denim, the Chambray cotton bias tape lends a modern and aristocratic air to every application, whether as a decorative element or a functional finish, elevating the level of every seam.

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